Everyone is waiting for the new FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. So far we know: There will be Legends on PS4 and also on PC, which were only available on Xbox One before. Now they are called “FUT Icons” and Luis Nazario de Lima or better known as Ronaldo is the ambassador.


It is a great feature to get Legends/Icons on PlayStation 4, PC and probably the new Nintendo Switch as well. It just shows us that having lots of free FIFA 18 coins and points is getting even more important in the future. The price of the FUT Icons will be extremely high. So far we know there will be Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Pele and many other very popular and awesome player available right from the beginning of the game. More Icons will be added time after time. The great thing of having FUT Icons in your team are their incredible skills. It is absolutely worth it having them in your team.

Will there be a FIFA 18 coin generator, which works for the new version of the game?

Right now there are a few provider developing a full working FIFA 18 hack. For example you can find them on here or check out FIFA18-cheater.com if you are from Germany. They are the german FIFA Ultimate Team community looking for a way to cheat and hack on FUT 18.

A FIFA coin generator has been working since FIFA 10 and there will be also a working coins hack for FIFA 18. There is absolutely no doubt about it. The latest news in the US and some other countries are showing it is real. Some guys generated millions of coins and points on different accounts and sold them to different coin provider. Buying FIFA 18 coins isn’t a really good idea, because you can easily use the FIFA 18 coins hack to get them. There shouldn’t be anyone who is making profit out of a tool, which offers all the items for free. You hopefully get what I mean. Anyway, these guys earned money in a big way and got arrested in a big way. Xginsider and other websites are always looking for a way to protect the user and ourselves against these kind of scam. Some hacker are using bots to send thousands of requests to the coin generator – within seconds! After that they are selling the coins they got for free on forums, websites, eBay or Facebook. Don’t fall for this. Also you can get all the coins and points for free.


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