Here is my review of the FUT 17 Coin Generator. I used this FIFA 17 UT Hack on my PlayStation Network account and never had a problem since then. Its been 3 months since I used this points and coins hack. At first I was generating around one million free FIFA Coins and 50k free FIFA Points. It worked pretty well, but to be honest at first I was really nervous. I was not sure if this tool really works. Now it is for sure, it is not only working, but also it is very safe.


Not sure about you guys, who else used this FUT Coins Hack, but I didn’t receive any ban or even a message. Only thing I got was my coins and points. Maybe many of you guys are asking how long it takes until you will get them on your account. Well…for me it took 10 minutes, for my two classmates it took hours. They used it on weekend and I used it on a Monday…maybe thats the reason? I sent a message to the owner of this website and he said it depends on many factors. Time, day, if the PSN server is online, if EA’s server are working well (okay…this is a problem LOL) and also the internet connection. Usually you can use it at any time and any day. As sooner as better, because no one knows when they will close this website XGinsider or when they will fix a FIFA 17 Coin Generator. You are one safe side when you use it now, because these days EA Sports is developing and releasing many updates for FUT. By the way…my friends also got their desired amount of coins and points on Ultimate Team. Since then I used this FIFA 17 Hack a few times and already got lots of free FIFA 17 Coins and Points on my account. Maybe you can add my account on PlayStation network and we can have a match. 😉

good luck

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