Before using the FIFA coin generator you should read this

Imagine you are spending hundreds of dollar every month to buy FIFA Points just to get your desired player. Suddenly you see some guys on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, which are simply using an FIFA hack to get points and coins for free. It wouldn’t be nice, right? You would think its unfair. Some people are spending their hard-earned money or pocket money, even when they have so less of it…and others are just using an online generator to get the items within a few minutes.

It shouldn’t be this way! Good message for you!

Finally you can change this situation! You don’t need to spend your real money for useless FUT points anymore. The points are only giving you player contracts, manager contracts and useless average player anyway. In September the new FIFA 18 will be released and all your player and coins will be gone! There is no way for you to save them or transferring them to your new FUT 18 team. Literally all the money you spent for FUT 17 is gone. Some smart gamer didn’t spend a single dollar, but they got an awesome team. Why? Because they were smart and used our tools.

fut 18 coin generator

Before the release of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you should know this:

  • You can get free FIFA 18 coins and points without any limit
  • The FIFA 18 hack and generator is still working
  • We finished developing a full working FIFA 18 hack
  • It works on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC
  • We added the Nintendo Switch
  • There is no risk of getting banned on FUT


The main reason why people will not use the FIFA 18 hack is they are afraid of receiving a ban

If you believe or not, but the people are really afraid their account will get suspended. With thousands of user daily we have never received any e-mail or message, which is saying they got banned on FUT. How does it work? Very simple. It is the full protection from beginning to the end. In the moment you are coming, when you are using the FIFA 18 coin generator and when you will leave this website – all the time – your IP, all your information (username, operating system, amount of coins and points), all your data will be anonymous. Even we can’t figure out where you are from, on what console you are playing or how much free FIFA 18 coins or points you just generated on your PS4, Xbox One or Switch. There is really no reason for you of being afraid. Right now there are so many videos, posts and screenshot around the Internet on many social media websites and no one ever complained about getting banned.

Our message for you is:

Stop being afraid and start using the FUT Coin Generator, before it is too late. 

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