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There have been many rumors since the release of this game back in September 2016. Since then hundred thousands of gamer spent real money to get points in order to open packs. EA is releasing more special player than ever. Suddenly there are not only “Legends”, but also “Heroes”. Man of the match, Euro League specials, UEFA Champions League specials etc. Furthermore there are player, which you can specifically only get on the Squad Building Challenges. The FUT gamer are absolutely confused about this. Every player card seems to have a different color. Before it was pretty easy to see. Dark gold player are Inform. Blue are TOTS or TOTY. Now this system went completely nuts. We got green, purple, pink and red player cards as well.
At the same moment they added new modes such as the Weekend League or the FUT Champions Cup. In these two modes it is more about eSports, but at the same time the competition between the gamer gets a lot higher than in FIFA 15 or 16. If you are a great team you are much more likely to win games. Especially goalkeeper or striker can make a huge different in this game. They did two things: Made the game much more competitive and at the same moment giving the gamer even more special player. In the end they will earn much more money. Well played EA, well played.



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